David Alexander Stuart

San Francisco, California
Email: ALEX at DAS dot LI

Other interesting works

As Dave Rodgers adroitly remarked, "I'm a Space Boy."

I am interested in mathematics and its relationship to art, language, and technology.

I pursue that interest professionally as a software engineer specializing in graphics and games. I also intensively study and practice functional programming in Haskell.

Outside of my profession, I pursue that same interest through music, drawing, and writing. Some of that is on display in the "interesting works" section of this site.

The rest of the time I read novels, play pool, and cook Thai drunken noodles.

Before coming to San Francisco I was a graduate student in Salt Lake City. I graduated with a Master of Science degree in computer science from the School of Computing at the University of Utah. Prior to that I lived in my homeland of Minnesota, going to college in the Twin Cities. I completed two Bachelor of Science degrees at the University of Minnesota, one in mathematics and one in computer science.

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