David Alexander Stuart

I am a Space Boy / computerist interested in mathematics and its relationship to art, language, and technology. Most of my work has focused on graphics, games, and functional programming—generally, helping people express themselves with computers.

Figure 1. The author at the guitar

I love music, visual art, and writing. Check out some of what I’ve made. I love the outdoors almost as much. And despite everything, I 🎮 still 🕹 love 🖥 video 👾 games. The rest of the time I read books, play pool periodically take my pool cues out of their case just to look at them, and cook Thai drunken noodles.

Since 2013 I’ve lived in San Francisco, working as a software developer at Autodesk, Fathom, Machine Zone, Lumi, and Groq. Before that I was in Salt Lake City as a graduate student at the University of Utah and as an intern at Disney Interactive/Avalanche Software, with a short stay in Zurich as an intern at Disney Research. Before that I lived in the Twin Cities. I studied math and computer science at the University of Minnesota.

Help computer.